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You are an educator and either very misinformed or intentionally misleading and inaccurate. This is part of what concerns parents of public school students.

You state:
“My understanding of the criticism is that it is a curriculum being taught to indoctrinate school-aged children with tales so horrific that they feel ashamed of American history and believe that they are to blame for the racial unrest in our country.”

No, that’s not what the criticism is about. So you are wrong at the start. The criticism is about teachers spouting their political ideology to students, teaching them what to think instead of how to think. Opposing racism doesn’t require promoting victimhood

Then you state:
“Some states have outlawed the teaching of critical race theory because, they posit, it causes the students to feel ashamed of being white. Basically, these laws target teachers who try to present a historically accurate picture of the development of our country, including the Civil War and Civil Rights movement.”

Wrong again, a blatant mischaracterization. It’s not about targeting teachers who try to present a historically accurate history. No one has a problem with telling all sides.

Then you ramble on with more blatant mischaracterizations:

“The laws against teaching a true picture of our American history seem to be about rewriting our history.”

There are no laws against teaching a true picture of our American history. If there were, Howard Zinn would have been banned decades ago.

Your mincing of CRT with the civil rights movement is laughable. CRT is a complete abandonment of the teachings of Martin Luther King.

Then you go on about school segregation which is apparently your bailiwick. This entire piece is an apparent attempt to use CRT to wax on about your background in the Civil Rights Movement. How about just teach about the movement, about what happened. Leave out the part where you label the white kids in the class oppressors and the black kids oppressed. Leave out the grievance studies, the part where you tell kids that America is “systemically racist”, built upon racism, that racism is embedded in the structure of our legal system, institutions and free-enterprise system. Leave out the part where you tell them capitalism is rigged to preserve white supremacy, that white people are born with unearned privilege and the system is rigged against blacks. Leave out the Marxism part, which means leave out almost all of it because CRT is a Marxist ideology. Leave out the part where you teach kids they are either victims or oppressors, propagating the very issues the civil rights movement sought to eliminate. Leave out the reverse racism, the blacks only dorms and classes… And can you put back testing as an entrance requirement for higher education and restore the notion of merit, rather than reducing our education system to the lowest common denominator?

Ethnic studies is a sanitized name for CRT. CRT was rejected for what it is, a divisive, irrational ideology that rejects the core tenets of the American value system and teaches that:

-Individuals are either an oppressor or victim. You are predetermined by immutable characteristics such as race to fall into either category. Culture is defined by groups exercising power over each other.
-America is systemically racist and must be dismantled. It sees America as having been founded on the system of capitalism, which is racist, and therefore must be disrupted.
-all white people reached the highest levels of prosperity at the expense of everyone else or by holding others down
-the most important thing about you is your race
-racism is present everywhere and always
-the people of today are guilty for the acts of the past
-if you are a minority, the system is rigged against you
-if you are white, you are an exploiter, whether you intend to be or not

It’s not based on sound research or rational thought and its arguments are not falsifiable. If you disbelieve them, you are automatically racist or “white privileged”, according to this odious package of BS.

CRT is not a continuation of the American civil rights movement, it is a repudiation of it and a total rejection of the teachings of Martin Luther King. There has not been a social movement so obsessed with race, since the Aryan obsession in Germany in the 30’ & 40’s or apartheid movement in South Africa. It has Marxist roots, and is a rejection of the American project and seeks to topple the classical liberal foundations of American society. Critical Theory is a form of socio-political cancer, just as all Marxian or neo-Marxian ideologies are.

Then you state:
“My years in teacher training at the university level have convinced me that we must teach verifiable facts to students, not politically driven material that seeks to misconstrue actual American history.”

Again, no one is against teaching actual history, that’s a disingenuous argument. The politically driven agenda is mostly from the American Marxists pushing CRT. The same ones who are corrupting our language want to corrupt our history.

Since race is a man-made invention how about stop using it, phase it out of the language, make it go away? Wouldn’t that be a better project for our teachers and academics to be promoting? I mean race is not science-based is it? CRT seeks to do the opposite; it seeks to tear open the scab and pour salt and vinegar on the wound. Promoting toxic victimology culture is not how we are going to create the next generation of scientists and engineers to compete with the Chinese.

The reason the left won’t let go of grievance, is it’s all they have. They have nothing to offer in terms of building, joining, mending, growing. Their power comes from division and grievance and redistribution of wealth. Power is their motivation. Let it go.

I don’t know if you’re another mindless foot soldier of modern liberalism, simply a carrier incognizant of the corruption you are foisting or one of the thought leaders. But you are attempting to change our language, the way we think, the narrative of our existence to promote an agenda which seeks to tear us down in favor of some equity paradise that doesn’t exist and never has.

That’s what CRT is and why people oppose it.

Critical Race Theory – Knowing it when you see it e-Book

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