The education establishment is trying to convince you that Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t being taught in the classroom. They’re either willfully ignorant or simply being untruthful.  

Asra Nomani, a “mama bear” and one of the key people involved in Parents Defending Education, spoke about CRT and politicized curriculum being taught in the classroom in a recent TV appearance. Asra debunked the claim that CRT isn’t being taught in schools by presenting the books that are being assigned to our impressionable children:  

-‘A is for Activist,’ a book for toddlers that promotes militant, far-left activism

-‘Woke Baby,’ a board book that calls children revolutionaries and encourages them to pursue “racial justice”

-‘Gender Queer,’ a book written for teens and found in many high schools, that pushes radical gender dogma and contains graphic illustrations of sexual acts

-‘Not My Idea,’ a book written for elementary school children, that promotes divisive racial themes and calls “whiteness” a “deal with the devil”  

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Parents rose up in Virginia and in school board meetings across the country because we are tired of being told “there is nothing to see here” in our school systems.  

We want the best education for our children – high academic standards and the fundamentals that make us globally competitive. We don’t want activists and educators prioritizing politics and divisive ideologies over quality education.  

  And we don’t want politicians and government officials lying to our faces about objectionable, extremist materials being given to our children without our consent.  

Asra Nomani expressed it best – we’re mama and papa bears who care about our children and will fiercely stand up to those who try to harm them. We demand high-quality education and accountability.   
And we’re not going anywhere.  

  Parents Defending Education is on the front lines in the battle to protect quality education and unleash the potential for all our children, regardless of the color of their skin or what kind of community they live in.  

P.S.   Activist educators claim CRT isn’t being taught in our schools, but far-left politicized reading can be found in nearly every public school library from elementary school to high school. The politicization starts with students as young as toddlers with board books that use rhymes and songs to instill radical teaching in young children.   PDE is standing up and shedding light on this widespread politicization, and we’re counting on your continued support. Please chip in $250, $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can today.  

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