No student should be aware of the political views of their teacher.

Do you have a child in the public school or university system?

Do you think the current generation – in the media, high tech, entertainment, political spheres have been brain washed to a large extent by the educational system?

Have you sent your kid to college only to have them return as a mindless foot soldier of someone else’s ideology? (Did you pay an exorbitant sum for the privilege?)

Are you concerned about the next generation of citizens being brain washed?

Are you concerned watching Communist Chinese arrogation into space, engineering, technology – and our plunging school rankings while our educators mindlessly debate pronoun protocols and how many genders there are? While our schools drop SAT and other examinations because they are supposedly racist? While our teacher’s union is focused on creating resolutions like this:

“Provide an already-created, in-depth, study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project.”

NEA New Business Item 39 resolution that Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo characterizes as “a plan to promote critical race theory in all 50 states and 14,000 local school districts.

Did you know that whole groups of teenage girls are coming out as transgender when this was vanishingly rare a short while ago? That 3% of middle school girls say they are gender fluid? That suicide attempts by teen girls are up 51%?Welcome to the transgender craze, brought to you by the transgender movement.

Are you also concerned which Sonoma County Schools are indoctrinating our own kids?

Then please sign up, below, today.

In California we have a teachers union that is highly political, extremely powerful and opposed to the interests of students and parents. It must be met head on. Activism at the local level and school choice is the antidote for indoctrination of our kids.

What Indoctrination are we talking about? Following are some examples:

Just Plain Poor Educational Practices

  • Teaching kids what to think rather than how to think
  • Passively or actively disseminating a particular viewpoint rather than giving kids the tools to learn and make their own conclusions
  • Focus on feeling and opinion over reason and truth and reality
  • Exposing teacher’s political views to students or expressing opinions on contemporary politics or political leaders
  • Using Common Core – the idea that it’s not the answer but the process that matters
  • Anything resembling “safe spaces” or “trigger words”. See also participation trophies.
  • Teachers and staff telling kids not to tell their parents something or that their parents don’t “get it”
  • Bypassing or subverting parental authority in any way
  • Teaching students that their parents are not to be believed, or that their parents are stupid, misinformed, etc. (this happens it’s on video)
  • Spending exorbitant sums on “diversity and inclusion” administrators, consultants and other destructive initiatives

Racial Indoctrination

  • Teaching or passively promoting “critical race theory”
  • Promoting any type of racial supremacy
  • Focus on race, presenting one or more in a negative light or making generalizations
  • Teaching “Ethnic Studies” or the California “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum
  • Promoting “equity” of outcome rather than “equality” of opportunity
  • Advocating that correct answers or testing are racist
  • Environments where “cultural appropriation” is derided. The notion of cultural appropriation is Un-American
  • Schools lowering or removing standards to achieve some sort of “equality”
  • Promoting toxic concepts like white fragility, systemic racism and victimhood a’ la Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi
  • Mandatory “anti racism“, equity or social justice classes that are really just pushing CRT
  • Application of any of the delivery mechanisms of CRT, such as outlined in this paper

Ideological Indoctrination

  • Promoting extreme nationalism
  • Teaching based on relativism, post modernism
  • Advocating, glorifying serial failure political / economic systems such as Marxism, Socialism, Communism
  • Promoting radical Marxist and anarchist groups
  • Labeling rioting, looting and vandalism as “peaceful demonstration” for some groups
  • Teaching that tends to promote disunity, villainization of American history and historical figures
  • Promoting “wokeness”
  • Promoting, supporting any sort of “cancelling” of people with particular viewpoints
  • Removing history, books, classical works from curricula or libraries
  • Removing the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem from facilities, public ceremonies
  • Schools that refuse to teach American values, civics
  • Allowing or encouraging kneeling or disrespect for the flag or national anthem
  • Teaching or passively promoting  the “1619 Project”
  • Limiting of free speech or expression of unpopular or “politically incorrect” opinions, including limiting to “free speech zones” No one has a right to not be offended
  • Presence of “cancel culture” in the school

Social Contagions – Biological & Sexuality Indoctrination

  • Promoting Intersectionality
  • Allowing biological males to compete against biological females in sports
  • Teaching or promoting “gender ideology” in school, the primacy of “gender identity” over biological sex
  • Teaching or promoting the “Transgender Movement”:
  • Radical ideological attacks and distortions upon the reality of sex difference and upon human nature as a species of male and female beings
  • Advocating for medicinal and surgical remedies to “gender dysphoria” at extremely early ages
  • Favoring affirmation of a delusion that some kids have regarding their sex or gender, instead of helping them overcome that delusion
  • Attacking natural views of sexual morality and sexual identity
  • Bathroom rules allowing biological males and females to share locker rooms, bath rooms, showers
  • Enforcement of rules  for which pronouns people are addressed with
  • Teaching which promotes promiscuity, sexual dysphoria or gender confusion, or tends to normalize LGBTQ and marginalize “straightness”
  • Teaching kids that their basic identity—as male or female—is something fluid or changeable. That’s not science.
  • Using explicit photos and drawings of sexual nature, such as “Positive Prevention Plus Sex Ed Curriculum” or “The California sex and gender “health” curriculum
  • Allowing minor children access to medical services, counseling, hormone therapy, puberty blockers, etc. without parental notification, as described in California Teachers Association (CTA) proposals currently in the works
  • Allowing students to assume a different identity at school (happens)
  • Allowing students to change identity documents
  • Schools allowing kids to act as a different gender during the school day (this happens)
  • Infringing on the rights of the parent in deciding what’s best for their child’s health, education and upbringing (Florida H.B.241 – Parent’s Bill of Rights)
  • Hosting “Drag Queen Story Hours” for middle and grammar school kids.

    It’s not about what people think about these topics, the point is schools should not be pushing a particular ideological viewpoint. They should be teaching. People on all sides should be able to agree on that.

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